FanSlam™ is a whole new way
to experience your favorite sport

Play Fantasy Tennis: How FanSlam Works:

  1. 1. Start or join a Fantasy Tennis Contest. Contests are based on upcoming ATP and WTA tennis tournaments.
  2. 2. Join free fantasy tennis contests to test your tennis knowledge, or play in paid contests.
  3. 3. Win Prizes! Contests reward 1st place finishers or Top 3 finishers.
  4. 4. You are given $100,000 to spend on 8 tennis players. Players are priced based on their ranking. Choose wisely!
  5. 5. Tennis Players earn "points" for each point they win during a match.
  6. 6. The FanSlam fantasy tennis team with the most points wins the Contest!

  • FanSlam Fantasy Tennis

Play for Free or for Money

Join free leagues or win money by entering public tournament leagues.

For New and Expert Fans

FanSlam™'s rules are simple. While strategy is crucial, you don't have to be an expert to play.

Easy to Use

Our user-friendly interface and short registration process will have you up-and-running in no time.

A Peek Inside FanSlam™

Draft Your Favorite Players

Each team has $100,000 to buy 8 players. Pick the players you think will win the most points and then watch them play!

Get live results with

Follow your team's progress! FanSlam gives you up-to-the minute results provided by

Create your own Contests

Set the entry fee, the prize money, and the number of players. Invite your friends or compete against the public.

Win Prizes

Win real money for paid contests. Grow your trophy case, top the leader boards, and show the world that you are a true tennis expert!

Ready to do something?

Get your friends together and start a league or get start playing right away by joining a public league.

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